Rachel Vanoven e-workshop review


Rachel Vanoven e-workshop review

Ten artykuł został napisany po angielsku, gdyż jest przeznaczony dla międzynarodowych czytelników. Jeśli chcesz otrzymać polskie tłumaczenie – napisz do mnie!
Maybe I will start with saying that I always wanted to achieve something by my own means – doing it myself.
I believe the best way to develop yourself and learn something is when you try by your own and learn with your own mistakes.
But sometimes it’s the best to let someone show or guide you.
Well, the moment I wrote this sentence I thought  about my 3 years old girl, who always want to do everything by her own and my husband always tells her that big girls let help themselves.

So there was a moment in my Newborn Photographer’s life when I decided to be a big girl and let someone else show me how to do this job right.
It did not happened immediatelly. I was fighting my inner Scrooge for some time, doubting the amount of money spent on some learning stuff will be worth it.

But once Rachel Vanoven issued new edition of her newborn e-workshop with a discount, I thought „now or never”.
The amount paid for it wasn’t small. I had some serious doubts if this investment will ever paid off. But I used my big spendings excuse – „in few years you wont be thinking about that price!”

And after a year and 3 months – I don’t! :)

It was totally worth it.
First thing which blew my mind was photoshop tricks.
I always thought I am good at photoshop (I still do :) ) but I learned few very essential things from this e-workshop concerning my edditing, that for them only it was worth it.

Second thing – angles and lighitng.
Well, I learned from the e-workshop where to stand and how to shoot to receive the most flattering images of everything.

Third thing – posing.
There is variety of poses which Rachels shows few times on few different babies. I still am not able to do most of them to be honest :)
But the ones I learned, I believe I learned up to the very satysfying for myself level.
Thanks to Rachel’s tips, I know now what to do, when to do it and what to do next. I know now what should I focus on concerning posing. I know now what to improve in particular pose and how to do it to make it look better.
After Rachels e-workshop, I became more certain of what I do.

Rachels e-workshop is the only  newborn guide I ever purchased. But it’s not the only one I ever watched.

I did and still do a lot of on-line watching tutorials and programs.
I believe there isn’t one and only way of the correct  posing or workflow.
To be honest, I do some things differently than Rachel does :)
But it is so, because I try to collect knowledge from many photographers and combine them in the system which works the best for me.
And I certainly collected a lot from Rachels e-workshop – will never regret buying it.

LINK with information about some great discount for RVP e-workshop : https://www.facebook.com/rachelvanovenphotography/photos/a.238884133758.139257.235377028758/10153385596378759/?type=3&theater







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